Saturday, June 7, 2008

Interesting Conversation...

Well, tonight I had an interesting conversation at work. The manager closing tonight was not the usual closing manager. I don't get to work with her very much. She's typically a day manager. The subject of beliefs came up. This manager is a wonderful, devout Christian. I respect her a lot for her beliefs. She has mentioned to me in the past that she feels I'm controversial. That subject came up again tonight. I asked her why she feels I'm controversial. She told me she feels I'm controversial because I'm a Christian, but that I have so many different beliefs. (We have had conversations before about prophetic dreams and prophecy and the symbolism behind why I have my nose pierced. So I think that's probably what she meant). So I told her that I feel God does reveal things to us. We know when we are called to do something. She agreed, but added that what we are called to do should line up with Scripture. I agreed, but pointed out there are examples in Scripture of those who were called to do some things that did not necessarily line up with Scriptural teachings - such as the Old Testament prophet who married a prostitute, Esther who married a non-Jewish man (but because of this union, the entire Jewish race was saved from extinction), and even the Apostle Paul who was familiar enough with Greek teachings to compare the Greeks' beliefs with Christian beliefs at the Aeropagus. I explained to her that I do believe God reveals things to us - sometimes in the form of dreams. Sometimes in the form of feelings. I referred back to Joel 2:28-32 to back up my beliefs. Had we had more time to discuss, I would have referred to the theological teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, who used Greek philosophy to understand more about his own Christian beliefs. It is interesting to me that this conversation came up now. I'm neck-deep in research for my biography on Heath Ledger, which I am writing because I truly know I am meant to write it. God gave me a literal dream to show me I am supposed to write this. Now He is fulfilling that through a symbolic dream - a dream that I have of publishing the work when finished. I often ask myself why? Why am I meant to write this book about someone I never met? I do not have the answers. Sometimes I wish I did, but then I know I just have to trust God. Whenever I trust Him, He never lets me down. I've trusted Him with leaving a job that did not give Him glory. I've trusted Him in unschooling the two precious sons He has given me. I've trusted Him in my marriage - which people often view as controversial in itself. I've trusted Him in my other writing endeavors. Now it's time to trust Him for this book and give Him total control. Okay, I'm tearing up now. Time to get to work on a college assignment and more book writing. Think I'll cross-post this on my other blog as well. :^) Kandy

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