Sunday, June 29, 2008

Worshipful Writing

Have you ever had a confirmation of feelings you've been feeling? I just blogged about how I feel God was giving me confirmation through the experience with Nathanael's toy that He is in control. Then this morning at church, the sermon was the second part in a series about worship. The pastor spoke about how when we come to church, we should be a part of the worship, not just a spectator. I've had some disagreements with some of the people at this church, but I think that's the reason I've always stayed around - I feel a part of the worship. I remember at my previous job, whenever I was feeling upset about something that happened, it never failed; the sermon that week would address the exact issue I had been experiencing. I truly believe our work should reflect our own, personal worship of God. That hits home for me with working so diligently on my writing projects. Ironically, just last night I felt a deep inspiration to write something rather unusual in the Heath Ledger book - why I am supposed to write it, why I'm passionate about it. People that I talk with, I think, often wonder why my writing or my college is so important to me. I think the pastor at church this morning hit the proverbial nail on the head. It's my form of worship. I give glory to my God through my writing and my studies. That may sound silly to some. After all, for instance, how can writing about the life of an actor give glory to God through my worship? I cannot explain it. I look at worship as one of those mysteries only God can explain. The Bible's full of them. I just know that these interests of mine are ways that I become a sanctuary for the Lord.


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