Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tossing Around Ideas

I've been tossing around ideas for my Heath Ledger book. I want to talk with as many people as I can that knew him best. I want to talk with people that can help me understand more. I've been wondering if I should include my opinions, how I feel. I think I've decided I should. I think that will be an important part of the book as well. No, I never met him. I have not yet seen all of his movies even (but I will before the book is published). But that doesn't mean I do not respect his work. Maybe I have a perspective that no one ever thought about before. A conversation at work tonight really helped me come to this conclusion. I was talking with my manager, the one from the previous post. I was telling her about my book and some of my ideas. It came so naturally. So far, everyone that I have spoken with seems interested in what I have to say. Maybe God is telling me something. Maybe to have a book that is truly a tribute to Heath Leger, I need to include that.
Just some rambling thoughts...


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