Monday, June 2, 2008

More Research and More Research

Last night, I submitted a query letter to Today's Christian Woman and an article to a homeschooling magazine. I want to get myself more and more re-established in the writing industry.

Today, I began searching for publishers and agents for my Heath Ledger book. I think I have a few positive possibilities.
Yesterday, I submitted an interview request for the book to Deepak Chopra, who was scheduled to have lunch with Heath Ledger they day he passed away. I received a reply back today that Mr. Chopra is on a tour promoting his new book, so I am not able to receive an interview at this time. At least it wasn't a negative reply. I'm still hoping to interview him at a later time. I also did some brainstorming last night at work. Will blog about the other opportunities I have in mind as they become available.


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