Saturday, June 28, 2008

The White Rabbit

I got home from work last night around 11:45. After completing my quiz for college and taking a bath, I peeked in at Taliesin and Nathanael sleeping. Kelsey always lays their favorite stuffed toys nearby. Well, last night, or actually early this morning; I found all of the toys except for Nathanael's favorite white stuffed rabbit (whom he calls "Baaaaby Rabbit" in the cutest Southern accent. Why Southern, I don't know when we live in Kansas, but it's adorable). So, anyway, I searched the house for it to no avail. So I decided we'd look in the morning and sat down to do some writing on my book. Of course, the minute I sit down, Princess, our beagle, wants out to do her business. So I open the door, reach for the lead to fasten her out, and see a rabbit sitting in our front yard. So I wait a second to see if it hops off. A beagle and a rabbit do not mix at 3:00 a.m. Our neighbors would all be awaken by the howl of Princess. I look down a few feet away from the rabbit and guess what I see? Nathanael's little, white baaaaby rabbit. I sigh a "Thank you" to God for leading me to his favorite toy that he would be quite upset about losing and take it in the house where it joins his other friends.

What exactly is the lesson in this? The lesson to me was God will provide. How appropriate that this happened just as I was sitting down to write. Just reinforcement for me that I am supposed to write this book. And now my book has a new chapter that I was not planning on.

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